ThingSpace SMS API


The ThingSpace SMS API lets your application send SMS messages to people’s phones with time-critical information from devices, such as: * Temperature threshold warnings and alerts * Sensor alerts for gas leakage, smoke, fires etc. * Outage notifications * Low-inventory warnings

The phones can be on the Verizon Wireless network or on other carriers’ networks.

You can also use the SMS API to check the delivery status of messages, and receive other notifications about messaging.

Table of Contents

What’s new in the SMS API

Getting Started
Introduction to the SMS API
Get credentials to use the API
Receive SMS API callbacks
Create a simple callback receiver
Get user permission to send SMS messages

Try the API

API Reference
Send an SMS Message
Check the Delivery Status of a Message
Get a List of Codes in Your Account
Register a Callback Listener Endpoint
List Callback Listeners
Deregister a Callback Listener Endpoint
Delivery Status Reference