Unassign SIM-Secure for IoT Flexible and Flexible Bundle Licenses

DELETE /devices/license/actions/assign

Unassigns SIM-Secure for IoT Flexible and Flexible Bundle license from SIMs.


Uses and Requirements

You can remove, or unassign, SIM-Secure from SIMs to which SIM-Secure flexible licenses have been assigned. These licenses are purchased either a-la-carte or part of a bundle and are designated as: SIMSec-IoT and TS-BUNDLE-KTO-SIMSEC-MRC, respectively. Lifetime licenses are assigned to a SIM for the life of the SIM and cannot be removed.

Note: The user should register for the CarrierService Callback in order to receive callbacks for confirmation or failure of a license assignment. For more information about callbacks, please see About Callback Services and how to Register a Callback Listener.

Request Components

HTTP Request

DELETE https://thingspace.verizon.com/api/m2m/v1/devices/license/actions/assign

Resource Path and Query Parameters


Header Parameters

The request header must contain a current ThingSpace authorization bearer token and a valid VZ-M2M session token, and must set the content-type to JSON.

Parameter Name Data Type Description
string HTTP Authorization bearer token.
string A valid session token returned by POST /session/login.
string Must be application/json.

Request Body

The request body identifies the account name, SKU number, and a list of devices from which you want to unassign a SIM-Secure for Iot license.

NOTE: You can only unassign one license type, or SKU number, per request. To unassign different license types, you must use a separate request for each type.

Parameter Name Data Type Description
string The name of a billing account.
This parameter is required only if the UWS account used for the current API session has access to multiple accounts. An account name is usually numeric, and must include any leading zeros.
string (20 characters max string) The skuNumber that identifies the license type.
“TS-BUNDLE-KTO-SIMSEC-MRC”. (Bundle) The SIM-Secure Flexible license can be assigned or removed from a SIM at any time. This SKU is bundled with other ThingSpace Services.
“SIMSec-IoT”. (Flex) The SIM-Secure Flexible license can be assigned or removed from a SIM at any time. This SKU is purchased a la carte. "TSS-IOT-INTLG-TIERED-SIMSEC". (Intelligent Bundle) is the SIM-Secure flexible license included in the intelligence bundle.
NOTE: You cannot unassign a Lifetime license.
array of deviceIds objects A list of 4G devices.

strings For 4G devices, IMEI (decimal, up to 15 digits) and ICCID (decimal, up to 20 digits), in that order.

Example Request Body

  "accountName": "0000123456-00001",
  "skuNumber": "SIMSec-IoT",
   "devices": [
      "deviceIds": [
          "id": "15-digit IMEI",
          "kind": "imei"
    "id": "20-digit ICCID",
          "kind": "iccid"

Success Responses

Status 200

Parameter Name Data Type Description
requestId string A unique string that associates the request with the results that are sent via a callback message.
The ThingSpace Platform sends a separate callback message for each device that matches the request criteria, indicating whether the operation succeeded for that device and containing any requested information. All callback messages will have the same requestId.

Example Success Response

{"requestId": "1f28c944-d007-44c9-9543-003b8820cc69"}

Example Success Callback Response

You receive a callback when you unassign SIM-Secure for IoT license assignment from SIMs and get an asynchronous response.

         "id":"20-digit ICCID",
         "id":"10-digit MDN",
         "id":"15-digit IMEI",

Failure Responses

Error messages are returned in this format:

  "errorCode": "error code string",
  "errorMessage": "error message string"

Error Codes and Messages

Error Code Error Message Description
UnifiedWebService.REQUEST_FAILED.CarrierRequestUnsuccessful REQUEST FAILED: At least one device exists with Assigned or Pending Assignment or Pending UnAssignment license status You attempted to unassign a license to a device that already has a license unassigned.
Carrier.Service.INPUT_INVALID. SKUNumber.NotDefined Sku Number is a required field. Your request did not include the skuNumber.
Carrier.Service.INPUT_INVALID.Action.NotDefined Action is a required field. You request did not include an action.
Carrier.Service.INPUT_INVALID.SKUNumber.NotDefined skuNumber is a required field. Your request did not include the skuNumber.
Carrier.Service.INPUT_INVALID.Action.NotDefined Action is required. Your request did not include an action.
UnifiedWebService.REQUEST_FAILED.CarrierRequestUnsuccessful REQUEST_FAILED: Devices not found for the specified IMEI and ICCID. Verify the IMEI and ICCID for the device.
CarrierService.INPUT_INVALID.AccountName.NotDefined. Account Name is a required field. Your request did not iclude an accountName.
Carrier.Service.INPUT_INVALID.DeviceGroupName.NotSupported The Device Group Name is not supported. The device group in the request does not exist.
Carrier.Service.INPUT_INVALID.Action.Invalid The action was not recognized as valid. Verify that your POST request has an “unassign” action to unassign the license.
UnifiedWebService.INPUT_INVALID.DeviceNotDefined A device must be defined. Your request did not include device information.
CarrierService.INPUT_INVALID.DeviceIdentifierCollection.Null A device identifier collection may not be null. Your request did not specify device identifiers.
UnifiedWebService.INPUT_INVALID.Unassign.NotSupported The unassign action is not supported for SIM-Secure lifetime. You cannot unassign a lifetime license for SIM-Secure.