What is ThingSpace.io?

ThingSpace.io is simple publishing and subscribing for machines, sensors, devices, robots, and gadgets (we just call them things). We call published messages ‘dweets’. It’s helpful to think of ThingSpace.io as a Twitter for things, in fact.

We assign each thing a unique thing name (or you can assign your own if it’s available). Then a thing may be subscribed to, which is analogous to following someone in twitter.

How is ThingSpace.io useful?

ThingSpace.io enables your machine and sensor data to become easily accessible through a web based RESTful API, allowing you to quickly make apps or simply share data. Some examples of data that can be dweeted:

  • Public swimming pool temperature
  • Air quality information in a city
  • Traffic light status
  • Train GPS position

It looks so simple. Can I trust it in commercial and enterprise deployments?

We believe that simplicity is the purest form of reliability and performance. ThingSpace.io was built from day one for commercial and enterprise deployments. Because it’s so simple, there is less to slow it down and less to break.

How much data can be in a message?

A message payload can be up to 2,000 characters. For comparison, a tweet on Twitter has a 140 character limit.

Are dweet messages private?

By default, dweets are public. Private dweet capability is coming soon.

How much does it cost to use ThingSpace.io?

At the moment, ThingSpace.io is free to use. We may introduce paid tiers with added features in the future.

Do you store dweets?

Yes and no. We hold a thing’s last 500 dweets, but we only keep each one for 24 hours.

What if I need to store all my dweets?

A storage option is coming soon.


We use HTTPS on the thingspace.io site so that you don’t encounter browser security warnings. Client code (including that running on devices) can use HTTP or HTTPS.