Introduction to the Device Messaging API

The ThingSpace Device Messaging API lets you easily send data from your devices using standard HTTP requests. Your application can retrieve the data, and can also send data to devices. The data can be displayed in easy-to-build web dashboards.

  • Data is sent in JSON format
  • Data is stored on for 24 hours so that your application can collect it
  • Your application and devices can get real-time streamed data or collect it at intervals
  • You can quickly add your devices to your dashboards as data sources
  • You can customize dashboards with pre-built widgets and drag-and-drop layout changes

To get started

You can follow these general steps to get started with the Device Messaging API:

  1. Read the documentation to understand what capabilities are available in the API.
  2. Try the API requests in the API Console.
  3. If your devices don’t have a dweet client built in, use a client library to get started, or simply write your device code to send messages as HTTP requests.
  4. Register on the ThingSpace Develop site to get access to Freeboard dashboards so that you can view your device data in a dashboard.