Ready SIM (aka MDNless or Pseudo-MDN)

Ready SIM, alternatively called MDNless or pseudoMDN, is a new method of assigning a 13-digit subscriber identifier when a traditional 10-digit Mobile Device Number (MDN) is not essential. As a result of the rapid growth of the Internet of Things, assigning standard phone numbers to IoT devices might soon exhaust the industry's telephone number inventories. Ready SIM addresses the inventory problem by assigning a Verizon-specific line identifier.

Customers who are qualified for Ready SIM's Deferred Billing plan may be offered the opportunity to enroll.

Customers can choose to pre-activate their SIM and not pair it with devices for a set period of time, and they will not be charged for service, based on their Ready SIM enrollment contract and time frame agreement. There are two choices:

  • Activate the SIM, not pair it with a device and store it.
  • Activate the SIM, pair it with a device and use it for testing while on the promotional plan

Prior to the regular price plan going into effect customers may be entitled to a limited data or SMS allocation for testing or setup purposes.

For information about eligability and qualification, please contact your sales team.


Supported Transaction Types during the time frame of the $0 Price Plan 

SIM Only Activation

SIM Only activation is a new type of activation, which will allow customers to pre-activate a SIM on VZW network by assigning a 13-digit pseudo MDN during provisioning.  The SIM will be provisioned with a $0 price plan allowance feature and deferred billing option.

SKU and SIM Activation 

SKU based activation allows customers to choose whether they want to activate with the traditional MDN or with a Pseudo MDN. If a traditional MDN is selected during the activation transaction, then once the SIM has been successfully provisioned, the SIM will be considered in a billable state based on the customer’s existing pricing structure.


Suspension of a pre-active SIM on a $0 Price Plan will not be permitted as a Customer action.

During SIM-OTA, involuntary suspension of a pre-active SIM on the $0 Price Plan may occur if the customer pairs the SIM with an unauthorized VZW device or does not condition the SIM as MDNless.


Customers will be able to disconnect a SIM during the $0 Price Plan period, however SIMs will not be able to be reactivated during the offer period a second time.


During the $0 Price Plan time frame, customers will be able to transfer the SIM across various accounts within an  ECPD.

SIM/Device Swap

Customers will be able to perform SIM/device swaps across multiple accounts with ECPD during the $0 Price Plan period.

Destination Price Plan Change 

This approach has a number of benefits:

  • Allows a SIM card to be made Hot (active) without requiring pairing with a specific Device ID

  • Allows a SIM card to be made Hot without requiring pairing with a Device SKU

  • Saves the customer time and effort during installation by eliminating the need for the customer to track which Device ID was paired to a specific SIM ICCID.


Note: The customer must use a SIM card that is compatible with Ready SIM.