Consumer eSIM for IoT Solutions

Customers looking to embrace eSIM  can be supported via the ThingSpace platform, right now, for connectivity management using M2M eSIM (eUICC). M2M eSIM requires the OEM to push the right carrier profile to a device. Consumer eSIM allows the device to pull the carrier profile.

Using Consumer eSIM for IoT Solutions, ThingSpace APIs can now handle eSIM life-cycle management for the SIM cards that are adopting an eSIM architecture. This will allow enterprise customers to manage devices and connectivity via a single interface.

This capability is designed for Customers in North America only. The value to the customer is that it provides them with Carrier Diversity. They have a need to deploy devices on more than one network in North America and this feature allows them to manage single SKU devices from their OEMs, and decide after the fact of ordering, which operator they want to activate the device on.

PLEASE NOTE: Consumer eSIM accounts need to be Onboarded prior to using the APIs. Please follow up with your account team to Onboard.

Comparison and Considerations

Consumer eSIM M2M eSIM
Pull model Push model
Device OS support required Device OS support not required
Can download eSIM profile over WiFi or Cellular Download eSIM profile over Cellular only
Bootstrap profile not required Bootstrap profile required
Integration between carriers not required Integration between carriers required
Examples: phones, wearables, tablets Examples: IoT/M2M devices

Consumer eSIM for Enterprise

  • Consumer eSIM model for M2M/IoT use cases
  • Controlled by the customer. The customer pulls the profile down to the device
  • No integration required between carriers, all transactions between Verizon <> Customer
  • End devices must be OD certified
  • Customers can use ThingSpace APIs
  • Verizon provides an activation code to the customer so that a device can pull a profile from Verizon