Node.js SDK Reference Version 1.5

Updated on 03/23/2017

Authentication and Authorization

Authentication and Authorization APIs:

  • init - initializes the API with the Key, Secret, and callback URL that you specified in Key Management when you registered your app.
  • getAuthorizeUrl - returns an authorization URL.
  • isAuthenticated - returns true when the user has completed OAuth 2.0 authentication process. Once this value is set, you may begin making API calls.
  • isInitted - helper method that a client can use to check if the SDK has been successfully initialized.
  • ready - ready handler you can use to execute code after init.
  • token - exchanges an authorization code obtained from a successful authorize call for access and refresh tokens.

Account Information

Account Information APIs:

  • account - retrieves information about a user’s account usage.


Contacts APIs:

  • contacts - retrieves user’s contacts stroed in the cloud.


Favorites APIs:

  • favorite - adds a file or folderto favorites.
  • getFavorites - lists favorites.
  • unfavorite - removes a file or folder from favorites.

File and Folder Operations

File and Folder Operations APIs:

  • createFolder - creates a folder.
  • copyFile - copies a file or a folder.
  • deleteFile - deletes a file or a folder.
  • fullview - retrieves the information about all files and folders.
  • getDownloadUrl - retrieves a URL that can be used to download a file.
  • getThumbnailUrl - retrieves the URL of a thumbnail representing a file.
  • metadata - obtains metadata for files and folders in a user’s folder.
  • move - moves a file or a folder.
  • rename - renames a file or a folder.
  • search - search method used to find files or folders matching a query.

File Upload

File Upload APIs:

  • commitChunkedUpload - used to finalize a chunked file upload.
  • fileuploadIntent - starts the upload process.


Playlists APIs:

  • addToPlaylist - adds one or more items to a playlist.
  • createPlaylist - creates a playlist.
  • deleteFromPlaylist - deletes an item from a playlist.
  • deletePlaylist - deletes a playlist.
  • playlist - retrieves a playlist.
  • playlistItems - retrieves playlist’s contents.
  • playlists - retrieves user’s playlists.
  • updatePlaylist - updates a playlist’s metadata.
  • updatePlaylistDefinition - updates playlist definition and content.


Shares APIs:

  • getShares - retrieves shares.
  • share - creates a share.
  • unshare - deletes a share.


Tags APIs:

  • getTags - retrieves tags.
  • deleteTags - deletes tags.
  • updateTags - updates tags.


Trash APIs:

  • emptyTrash - permanently deletes paths marked as deleted.
  • getTrash - retrieves a list of deleted files and folders.
  • restore - restores deleted files and folders.

Virtual Folder

Virtual Folders APIs:

  • createVirtualFolder - creates a virutal folder.
  • deleteVirtualFolder - deletes a virtual folder.
  • renameVirtualFolder - renames a virtual folder.

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