Upload Binary Content:  POST /upload/<uploadid>

Uploads binary content.


Uses and Requirements


You cannot perform POST /upload/<uploadid> operation on a virtual folder.

Uses and Requirements

A call to POST /upload is the second step required to upload a file.

File upload can be chunked or un-chunked. It is often more efficient to divide large files into chunks and upload these chunks separately. This approach allows your app to recover efficiently from interrupted uploads that could occur due to network outages or power failures. You could resume upload without having to restart the entire process minimizing the amount of redundant content that is sent.  

You can find the detailed description of the file upload process and examples of chunked and un-chunked file upload on our About File Upload page.

NOTE: When uploading files, note the following limitations:

  • For the non-chunked file upload, the maximum file size is 100 MB.
  • The maximum number of files per folder is 10,000.

##Request Components

HTTP Request

POST https://api.cloudapi.verizon.com/cloud/1/upload/<uploadid>

Header Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
string Must contain an OAuth 2.0 access token obtained by calling the authentication API.

Path Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
string Unique id to upload file binary content and to create the file. You can obtain uploadid via a call to the GET /fileupload/intent. It is embedded in the URLs included in the response).

Query Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Description
string SHA256 checksum of the file/chunk. checksum must be lower case.
  • Set to False if the binary file is to be uploaded with a single request
  • Set to True if the binary file is to be uploaded in multiple requests
string Represents the sequence of the upload in chunk data. Required if chunk parameter is set to True.

Request Body


Success Responses

  • Status 201

Failure Responses

  • Status 400
  • Status 401
  • Status 403
  • Status 413
  • Status 503
  • Status 504


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