Try Verizon Personal Cloud Storage APIs

To try Personal Cloud Storage APIs using your own Verizon Cloud account, you will first need to log in to Verizon Cloud using your mobile number and password.

Where to Start

To begin, click on the API of your choice to expand it. Clicking on the gray button on the upper right hand corner will start the OAuth 2.0 authentication process. You will be prompted to log on to the Verizon Personal Cloud using your mobile number and password and to grant the API access to your Verizon Cloud account.


  1. For detailed description of this feature and an example of a successful API call, refer to Trying Verizon Personal Cloud Storage APIs page.
  2. Only content uploaded via Verizon mobile clients is accessible thought the Verizon Personal Cloud Storage APIs. Content uploaded through the Verizon Cloud website or the Verizon Cloud PC Desktop App is not yet available through the APIs.

You can try the Cloud APIs in any order you wish. The following sequence can help to get you started:

  1. Display your account usage information with GET /account API.
  2. Retrieve listing of all files and folders with GET /fullview API.
  3. Use GET /metadata/{path} API to retrieve metadata for a file or a folder.
  4. Retrieve thumbnails for your images with GET /thumbnails/{content-token} API.
  5. Use GET /search API to find a specific file.
  6. Retrieve the file’s content using GET /files/{path} API.

Try It Out!