System Attributes

System attributes are name-value pairs that are extracted from data provided by clients and assigned to files and folders. They include details such as file creation date, Mime-Type and ID3 metadata information contained in MP3 files.

Each system attribute is contained in a systemAttribute element in the file or folder data model.

System Attribute Type Description Search Field
Album string Maps to the ID3 album field for MP3 files. album
AlbumArtist string Maps to the Band/Orchestra/Accompaniment (TPE2) ID3 field. albumArtist
Artist string Maps to the ID3 artist field for MP3 files. artist
CaptureDate date Maps to the file’s EXIF Date and Time tag. To ensure that this attribute accurately reflects the time zone in which the file has been captured, you can include an X-Vault-Client-Timezone header when uploading the file. This header value is then used when the Capture-Date is calculated in UTC format. captureDate
ClientDeleted boolean Marks the file as deleted on the client device. This enables clients to search for files that are still stored on servers but have been deleted locally. clientDeleted
Compilation int Maps to the Compilation (TCP) ID3 tag. Takes a value of either 0 or 1. compilation
CreationDate date The date, in UTC format, that the file has been created on the client system. For example, where a desktop client uploads a photo originally taken on a camera, Creation-Date will differ from Capture-Date, while on a camera phone the two attributes are likely to match. creationDate
Duration long The duration of an audio file duration
Favorite boolean Set to true if the file or folder is a user’s favorite. favorite
Genre string Maps to the ID3 genre field for MP3 files. genre
GeoLatitude double Maps to the EXIF GPS Latitude tag for image files. World Geodetic System (WSG) 84 is recommended. geoLatitude
GeoLongitude double Maps to the EXIF GPS Longitude tag for image files. WSG 84 is recommended. geoLongitude
Height int The height of an image in pixels. height
IsRootBackupFolder boolean When the client sets this attribute to true on a folder, the folder appears as the root for that device in the Personal Cloud web application. For example, if c:/users/joe/music is marked as the root backup folder on a desktop client, the music folder will appear directly under the {deviceName} folder on the web. isRootBackupFolder
LocationStreet string The street address n/a
LocationLocality string The city, town, village or general locality n/a
LocationCounty string The county n/a
LocationRegion string The state, province or general region n/a
LocationPostalCode string The postcode or zip code n/a
LocationCountry string The country n/a
LocationCountryCode string The country code n/a
MimeType string Specifies the content type of the file. If not set by the client, this attribute is set automatically by the Digital Vault API server. contentType
ModificationDate date The date, in UTC format, that the file has been last modified on the client device modificationDate
Orientation int Populated for new content uploaded to ensure content is displayed with correct orientation. Supports images with Exif-Orientation flag present numeric values set to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Also supports videos in MP4 (ISO/Quicktime) format with Matrix rotating video stream by 90, 180 or 270 degrees, which would produce 8, 3 and 6 as numeric Orientation system attribute values. orientation
Priority int A client-provided value, used to sort files or folders in order of importance, or as criteria to return only high-priority items priority
Source string The origin of the file such as MMS or web client source
Tags string Any tag metadata that a client includes when uploading a file tags
TimelineDate string Specifies where the media file is to appear in a timeline view on a client application. If not set by the client, Timeline-Date defaults to one of the following values, in order of preference:
  • Capture-Date
  • Creation-Date
  • versionCreated
Title string Maps to the ID3 title field for MP3 files. title
Track int Maps to the ID3 track number field for MP3 files. track
Width int The width of an image in pixels width
Year int Maps to the ID3 year field for MP3 files. year

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