About Pagination

About Pagination


When a client application makes a call to GET /metadata, GET /search, or GET /playlists, by default the results are included on a single response.

To make navigation easier, you can change how your application displays the results by specifying count and start parameters.

Count Parameter

The count parameter allows you to limit the number of items, such as individual file or folder descriptions, per response. This results in the API server splitting the response across the number of pages required to describe the response data based on the count value.

Start Parameter

You can use the start parameter to specify which of the pages are to be returned in the response. If not specified, the default is page 1.

Pagination Example

For example, if an API call is expected to return 105 items and count is set to 50:

  1. First request:

    • start=1
    • count=50

    The response will return the first 50 items.

  2. Second Request:

    • start=2
    • count=50

    The response will return the next page with items 51 – 100.

  3. Third request. -start=3 -count=50

    The response will return items 101-105.

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