API Developer Guide

Our Developer Guide has everything you need to know about writing apps for Verizon Personal Cloud Storage APIs.

  • Best Practices - outlines the best practices to consider while working with Personal Cloud Storage.
  • Authentication and Authorization page describes OAuth 2.0 framework used by Verizon Personal Cloud Storage APIs. It includes basic steps that your app must follow, detailed description of the authentication and authorization process, and how to manage an apps’ access to Verizon Personal Cloud Storage user content.

  • About Virtual Folders describes the virutal folder and provides examples.

  • About File Upload describes the file upload process and provides examples of chunked and un-chunked file upload.

  • About Search page describes how to use search effectively and provides search examples.

  • About Pagination page provides a description and an example of modifying default pagination in API responses.

  • API HTTP Response Codes page provides the listing of the API HTTP response codes and their descriptions.

  • Error Messages page lists error messages that you might encounter.

  • System Attributes page lists and describes system attributes.

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