About Personal Cloud Storage APIs

Verizon Cloud allows users to access and manage their content on any of their devices, even when they are on-the-go. If you are a developer, you can use Verizon Personal Cloud Storage APIs to create apps that let your users access the content stored in their Verizon Cloud accounts from your app. As such, Verizon Cloud service can provide both the content as well as the repository for your app. To simplify and accelerate the development process, we provide Software Development Kits (SDKs) that consists of libraries, documentation sets, and sample apps. You can use them to build apps for platforms such as Android, iOS, OS X, Java, Java Script, Node.js, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Why Build on Verizon Personal Cloud Storage?


Valuable Content

Verizon Personal Cloud Storage APIs provide access to the Verizon Personal Cloud Storage subscribers’ photos, videos, documents and other valuable content for embedding and extending a user’s data securely into your application experience.

Engaged Audience and Strong Brand Recognition

Verizon Cloud Developer Program is supported by Verizon’s leading brand that consistently breaks-through to the consumer market with over tens of millions of subscribers. You can leverage Verizon’s brand to power adoption of your application or service.

Smart Metadata

Using our APIs you can retrieve the metadata for user content and leverage the metadata classification and search functionality to pull relevant content quickly and easily.

Industry Standards

Verizon Personal Cloud Storage APIs feature industry-standard, best practice-oriented APIs, use of RESTful requests and OAuth2.0 which allow developers access to users’ data quickly and securely.

Verizon Personal Cloud Storage APIs utilize OAuth2.0 to handle user authentication in conjunction with Verizon’s existing Identity Management systems. OAuth 2.0 provides defined authentication flows for web services, desktop applications, mobile device applications, and other platforms and devices. OAuth 2.0 protects the user credentials specific to authentication from third-party developers. It serves as a mechanism to restrict app’s access rights to only pre-approved user data. The user can revoke consent for previously granted OAuth 2.0 sessions.

Frictionless Sign-in

Verizon Personal Cloud Storage APIs support the use of Verizon Wireless service for frictionless sign-in of existing LTE clients within third-party applications. Users who have a Verizon Wireless issued LTE devices with Verizon Cloud client installed can silently sign-in, without having to enter their credentials within a third-party application.

1. Additional features are under development and will be available in future releases.
2. Only content uploaded via Verizon mobile clients is accessible thought the Verizon Personal Cloud Storage APIs. 3. Frictionless sign-in is only available with the use of Verizon Personal Cloud Storage SDKs. 4. For more information on the app, visit Verizon Cloud.

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