ThingSpace Quality of Service API


As automobiles evolve, they both create and process more and more data. This data needs to be prioritized in real time in order to economically provide the multitude of connected car services available from automobile manufacturers and their partners. Safety comes first!

Verizon's new ThingSpace Quality of Service API will enable connected cars applications to set the priority of their data in real time depending on the value of the data being sent or received.  Data priority can be changed remotely, through the cloud in real-time.

Verizon's ThingSpace Quality of Service API enables real time priority changes down to the TCP flow level ensuring that data is sent in the most economical way and lowering the operations costs of connected vehicles. ThingSpace Quality of Service API works by providing REST APIs to application servers through Verizon's Thingspace IoT platform. 

The customer application simply specifies the TCP flow and their desired QoS level and the change is made in the network in real time. No service interruption, device reset or network disconnect is required for ThingSpace Quality of Service API changes. 

Potential applications include remote vehicle operation and cellular to vehicle to infrastructure messaging.

In this initial release, two QoS levels are supported on the VZWB2BInternet APN - Standard and Premium.  The APIs below enable customers to change the QoS level from Standard to Premium.

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